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Have you been hospitalized from Ozempic or Mounjaro?

If you have experienced gastroparesis, ileus, intestinal blockage, or intestinal obstruction after using Ozempic for weight loss or any other purpose, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit. Our attorneys are currently accepting cases from individuals who have endured severe gastroparesis leading to persistent vomiting for four weeks or longer.

It’s important to note that eligibility may not extend to those who underwent gastric bypass surgery, gastric banding, or gastric sleeve surgery prior to using Ozempic. Furthermore, individuals undergoing treatment for cancer are not currently considered eligible for Ozempic-related cases.

Other GLP-1 agonists being named in claims like Ozempic lawsuits include: Mounjaro, Rybelsus, Saxenda, Wegovy, Trulicity.

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