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Auto Injuries

Auto Injuries

Safe Guarding Drivers in the Valley

Auto accidents, at best, are inconvenient and stressful; at worst, they can be fatal. In such circumstances, knowledge is crucial. For more information on whether to consult an attorney following an accident and understanding the settlement procedure, reach out to Valley Injury Lawyers. Contact us at (602) 254-8481 for details about your specific case.


When to Seek Legal Council

Many individuals may not immediately recognize the necessity for legal counsel after an automobile accident. According to a 2016 Insurance Research Council study, nearly half (49%) of respondents who sought legal counsel did so on the advice of a relative, friend, or physician. If you or a loved one is ever in a car accident, don’t hesitate to contact our office for a free legal consultation. Speaking with a lawyer is crucial for two reasons.

Firstly, there is a specific time frame in Arizona after an accident to file a legal claim. Even with a strong case, you cannot launch a lawsuit after this deadline. Therefore, consulting with an attorney promptly allows you ample time to prepare your case and file a lawsuit.


Secondly, it’s essential to document evidence, injuries, and witness statements accurately and completely as soon as possible after the incident. Alongside recent recollections, photos of the vehicle, scene, and injuries help illustrate the issue effectively. We recommend scheduling a consultation with our legal team as soon as possible, as waiting makes it more challenging to locate, recall, or verify these crucial details.



Settlement Principles

In most cases, if both parties agree to a financial resolution, a settlement can be reached outside of court. Your lawyer can assist by filing a formal demand letter outlining your case to the responsible party’s insurance company. Subsequent negotiations will aim to reach a resolution. Having an experienced attorney on your side enables you to clarify the situation and obtain the maximum compensation for your suffering.


Auto Accidents in Arizona

Compared to other accidents, the majority of the approximately 116,864 motor vehicle incidents in Arizona in 2022 were car accidents. The Valley Injury Lawyers are dedicated to fighting for the rights of clients who have suffered injuries due to reckless or distracted driving, drunk or impaired driving, rear-end crashes, and other accidents.

Representation of Cases We Handle

  • Aggressive driving 
  • Wrong way driver 
  • Chain reaction or multi-vehicle  
  • Distracted driving  
  • Drunk and impaired driving  
  • Elderly driver  
  • Failure to yield 
  • Head-on collision 
  • Hit and run  
  • Mechanical malfunction   
  • Rollover  
  • Side impact  
  • Teen driver