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Did Medical Malpractice Cause Birth Defects?

Did your child suffer a birth defect? American statistics show that 27 newborns per 1,000 births suffer a birth injury. Additionally, more than 120,000 babies each year are born with a birth defect. As a parent, you expect the absolute best care for your new born child. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. 


The most common birth defects:
-Cleft palate and/or cleft lip
-Spina Bifida
-Congenital heart defects
-Cerebral palsy
-Wrongful death


The most common types of birth injuries:
-Pulling and/or twisting the infant improperly during the delivery
-Improper handling and use of birth assisting tools, such as forceps or a vacuum extraction tool
-Administering the wrong amount or the wrong type of medication to the mother during pregnancy and during labor
-Failure to monitor the infant properly for distress, including failure to regularly monitor fetal heartbeat
-Failure to schedule and perform an emergency cesarean surgery (C-section)
-Anoxia (deprived of oxygen)
-Failure to diagnose fetal abnormality
-Failure to recognize and treat early onset of infant conditions
-Improper labor and delivery care
-Improper screening and diagnostic testing
-Improper prenatal care
-Medication or drug side effects

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